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Research into the Use and Impact of DMI

Several research projects address the following questions:

  • How does DMI support teacher learning?
    Sophia Cohen at EDC studied the effect of DMI on teachers’ beliefs, knowledge, and classroom practices. This project followed two different seminar groups, looking at the teachers’ ideas as they developed within the seminar, and as they were evident in the changing classroom practices of six participants. Cohen’s manuscript, Bringing Understandings to Light: Teachers’ Professional Development and the Elementary Mathematics Classroom , will be published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Incorporated. The expected publication date is winter 2003.

    This research was supported by a joint grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the Spencer Foundation under the Professional Development Research and Documentation Program.

    Linda Davenport at EDC explored whether DMI supports teachers' implementation of new curricula. She considered this question with respect to Investigations, Math Land, and Everyday Math, and reported her findings in Davenport, L., and Morse, A. Fostering a Stance of Inquiry Among Teachers: Professional Development in Mathematics Education This paper was published as part of the Center for the Development of Teaching's Paper Series.

  • How do we understand the role of facilitator?
    Pamela Geist of Michigan State University and Janine Remillard of the University of Pennsylvania analyzed facilitation of DMI users in the first field tests. This was published in the Journal of Mathmematics Teacher Education, January 2002.

    Susan Jo Russell of TERC studied challenges teachers face becoming seminar facilitators for their colleagues. This work was supported by the Teaching to the Big Ideas grant.

    Annette Sassi at EDC studied "judgments in the moment" made by a DMI facilitator. Sassi's work was supported by a grant from the Spencer Foundation. Sassi presented her findings in Cultivating Perception: Reframing the Nature of Advice-giving in a Mathematics Professional Development Seminar at AERA, 1999.

  • What are parents' concerns and questions about mathematics education reform and can a DMI seminar address them?
    Amy Morse of EDC and Polly Wagner of the Atrium School studied participants' writing and their own facilitator journals from the parent seminar they led in the fall of 1996. Morse and Wagner's research effort was supported by Teaching to the Big Ideas and Mathematics for Tomorrow. See Morse and Wagner, P., (1998) Learning to Listen: Lessons from a Mathematics Seminar for Parents. Teaching Children Mathematics.


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