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This project is a collaboration between the Developing Mathematical Ideas project (DMI), the Lenses on Learning project (LOL), and several school district and regional sites of interest to the Intel Foundation, to build systemically embedded professional development for teachers, teacher leaders, and administrators. This project views DMI and LOL not only as professional development programs for teachers and administrators, respectively, but also as tools for effecting mathematics education reform in districts. That is if one takes a systemic view of mathematics education reform, DMI and LOL provide one element critical to change – knowledgeable teachers, teacher leaders, and administrators. In this project we seek to identify, in addition, those district resources, structures, and people who would be critical partners in permanent, district-wide, change.

In the first project year each of seven sites created a team consisting of 4-6 DMI facilitators, who attended the 2004 DMI Leadership Institute, and 2 LOL facilitators, who attended the 2004 LOL Facilitator Institute. These facilitators lead DMI and LOL seminars at their sites during the 2004-05 year. Members of the DMI/LOL staff visit each site twice during the academic year, and project leaders from all sites attend a four-day, mid-winter meeting to increase their understanding of facilitating DMI and LOL and to collaborate on issues of systemic change. This project will be extended to a second year (2005-2006) for 5 additional sites.

2003 – 2006
Supported by the Intel Foundation

For more information about these projects and about sites at which DMI has been used, please contact:

Deborah Schifter
Center for the Development of Teaching
Education Development Center, Inc.
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