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Photo of four children doing an activity together at a classroom table FSC strengthens schools and school systems so that they foster learning and development for all students. Working with state and local education agencies across the country, including many major cities, the center provides technical assistance, designs intensive professional development programs that improve teaching and assessment, enhances the leadership capacity of district and school administrators, engages families in their children’s education, and assists with community-building efforts. Our areas of expertise include comprehensive school reform, middle-level education, literacy development, and tools and strategies to promote success for students with disabilities.

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The Center

The Center for Family, School, and Community (FSC), strives to empower families, invigorate schools and curricula, and nurture community support. Our programs prepare children to become lifelong learners, productive workers, and responsible members of a pluralistic society.


Families play a critical role in their children’s growth and development. We strive to keep parents and other caregivers integrally involved in their children’s education from kindergarten through high school. We help parents facilitate their children’s learning at home and at school and become advocates for their children and for school improvement.


FSC serves as a catalyst for change throughout the education system.
Our work involves teachers and policymakers, local schools, and national organizations and agencies. We design classroom materials, support school restructuring, conduct professional development programs, and carry out research on teaching and learning.


We help create and nurture strong relationships among families, schools, and communities. We strive to improve collaboration among education, business and industry, cultural institutions, and youth-serving agencies. We place specific emphasis on urban and rural communities and the particular challenges they face.

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