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Letters to Speakers

Students wrote follow-up thank you letters to speakers who had come to their schools during Phase I.

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March 27, 1995

Dear Mr. Wheeler,

I still CAN'T believe that you traveled all the way from Funk Island to the Cape in a kayak, because it sounds so unreal to me. I am so glad to have had my questions answered because even though you talked and showed a lot of your journey, I was still curious about many things. Thanks. The map you drew helped me to visualize the trip better as you were explaining it, because otherwise I would be totally lost on where you were and when. But I was sort of hoping that you would have sketched a Great Auk though. But that's okay! My parents are really jealous that I got to meet you and they didn't, and one of the reasons is they both saw your NOVA program. I'm glad I got a chance to meet you. Thanks for coming in, and come again. And don't forget to go to other schools and teach them the same thing as you taught us (Don't forget the map, and try to sketch a Great Auk!).

P.S. If you do write back, could you send me one of your sketches of a Great Auk? If so, thanks!

P.S.S My camera is still broken, but the two pictures I took during your presentation are still the only two!

Thanks Again,

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March 16, 1995

Dear Mr. Wheeler,

Thank you very much for coming to our school. I really enjoyed speaking to you and asking you questions. I also learned a lot from you when you answered other people's questions.
Before seeing your Nova video in school, my Dad and I saw it on t.v. a couple of years ago. Back then, I did not know a lot of details about you from just the Nova video. I learned a lot from my teachers When I saw the show the first time, I thought that what you did was pretty amazing. Now that I've met you, I think what you did was even more amazing. I still cannot believe that I met you and talked to you.
I also agree with some of your thoughts. I think that if we do not shape our lives up now, and do not start to save all the animals, we will just all die.
And again, thank you very much for coming in and talking to our 6th grade group.



P.S.- If you do not know me by name, then to remind you, I am the boy who asked if "Did you ever feel that you were never alone or that there was always help next to you because of the Nova boat?"

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March 16, 1995

Dear Mr. Wheeler,

Thank you for coming to Bedford to tell us about your journey. I think it was very brave of you to listen to your hearts desire and do the long trip. If I were you, I would probably wouldn't have finished the trip. I think it was nice of the NewFondland people that they were so nice to you and great hosts. 1 feel like you, about the greak Auk. I think it was probably was a very fascinating type of bid. I can't believe why people would just start killing them for sport and not eating them. It's cruel! I hope that someday people will realize not to take animals for granted and to rrespecct them to hurt them. Also, I hope that pretty soon our government will stop fisherman from catching so many fish I My that because if our economy keeps killing and so eating so many fish then different kinds of fish will become extinct.

I have a few questions for you about your kayak trip. My first question is, where is the you used for the trip? Another one of my questions, did you have to ever pay to use your kayak on a certain river or cove? One last thing, when you started from Funk Island did you think about turning back? Also, would by chance did you ever see a scary looking shark or whale on the journey? Thanks. I hope you had a fun time up here in Bedford and I hope someday you will be kind enough to come back here so I call ask you some more questions about your kayak trip. Once again, thank you for coming, I had a great time and it was lots of fun for me and my classmates and teachers to meet such a brave man like you face to face. So thanks a lot for coming and for reading this letter.

Yours truly,

John 6-2

P.S Thank you for giving me your autograph!

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