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  *   John Glenn Middle School


Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Shira and our school is doing this large Atlantic Ocean Project, and I would really be very greatful if you would write back and answer some of of the questions below. My topic is Sea Life or Marine Life and how pollution effects the increase or decrease of sea life? When you write back and answer some of these questions, answer them only for sea Life. You don't have to answer my topic question, but I would like you to answer some of these:

  1. How much lower did the percentage in sea life go down between 1994-95?
  2. What is your company doing about it?
  3. Is the pollution getting worse or better for the aminals sake?
  4. What was your worst year in pollution?
  5. What sea mammal has gone down the most between 1994-95?

Thank you so much for taking your
time and reading this letter and I hope
you will write back and

Shira's signature
Sincerely Shira

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image of sailboat


Conservation Law Foundation
62 Summer St
Boston, MA 02110-1008

Dear Conservation Law

My name is Nick and I am doing a report on sea birds of New England. I would like to know about endangered Atlantic sea birds, especially the Atlantic Puffins. If it's not too much trouble for you, could you send me some information on some sea birds, or maybe even a movie or a brochure? If you have any information, please contact me. If you don't have any information but know another place that does, please have them contact me or write and tell me the address. Thank you for your time.



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