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Phase III: Student Journal Entries

"Well at the beginning I was trying to go through and highlight facts that I wanted to use and then I would try and go through them at the end at the report but I had so much information I couldn't one, read all of it and two, at the end go through. So I asked Miss Beamis for help and she suggested that I take like envelopes and sort them and then a few categories of solid information like just the plain laws, then economy, laws in the future, laws that were made in the past and information about."

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"Now it was time to gather information and make a plan. Our class would visit the library frequently. I found the folders with information on different topics helpeful. To find even more information our class visited the Bedford Public Library. I had over ten pages of information on my topic. I still had to find more. I watched videos, visited Boston Harbor, and wrote a letter to Meg Tobassco."

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"So that was like some of the stuff I did. Another source was from an environmental law agency and they sent me two brochures. One was on laws for lobsters, another was a status report from 1984. So from that brochure on laws I got lots of information from that, a lot of that went into my report. And then from the other stuff, from the stuff I got from the library and from my mom, that was mostly all the stuff that went into my report. And then I looked in the electronic encyclopedia at home for information that I needed on the lobster itself."

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"I had a whole mess of notes but I had to actually go through them. So I'd go through them and I realize that there are a lot of things I don't need and a lot of things I do need...it has to be summarized. Just because you have a lot of information doesn't mean you have information you actually want."

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