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Selected quotes from "MY QUESTIONS " section

Submarine Exploration

Searchlights in the other wise dark area reveal all of the hidden beauty unknown to mankind. In the middle of the powerful beam of light is the wreckage of the Titanic. Several small, unmanned, submarines gather around the ship and take pictures of the wreckage with powerful cameras.

Submarines helped find the remains of many ships, and also expanded our knowledge of the giant body of water that we call the ocean. I have wondered about the ocean ever since I was young. I-Search gave me the chance to find out about my childhood curiosity. In this report I will show you what I have learned. My search question is: How do submersibles expand our knowledge of the ocean?

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Special Effects

BOOM! You're sitting in the movie theater and all of a sudden a car blows up. Or you're quietly munching your popcorn while your favorite bad guy gets shot and almost simultaneously starts to bled. Did you ever wonder how these effects are created? I certainly have. Sometimes I get so involved in figuring out how a special effect was accomplished, that I lose interest in the movie. That is why I chose special effects for my I-Search topic.

When I started to research I knew little about this field. I knew computers were getting big in the movie industry and sometimes mechanical models were used to create odd creatures, but that isn't much. I wanted to learn more technical terms and how computers and different types of cameras work and are used. I also wanted to find out about special effects that are created through the use of gun powder and explosions. When I had considered what I wanted to find out I came up with different research questions and finally decided on - What technologies are used in the creating of special effects in television and movies?

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Automobiles (student with learning disabilities)

Have you ever owned a car? Some people would say "yes." In this report I'm going to tell you a lot about cars. How have cars changed through the years and affected the way we travel? Most of the questions you have will be answered in this report. The reason I chose this topic is because I like cars and my father works in the field.

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Diabetes (student with learning disabilities)

Do you know someone in your family with diabetes? You may or you may not. Do you ever wonder how they get the diabetes? Diabetes is something that occurs when the body doesn't produce enough insulin for the body to absorb sugar. This is my I Search topic. In my report, I will try to answer all of your questions.

The reason I chose diabetes for my I Search project is because my grandmother has diabetes and I wanted to know more about the disease. You hear a lot about diabetes and you don't know much about it. I know so much more about diabetes and how it affects our lives. I'll tell you about all of the information I found later in my report. My I search Question is: How has technology aided people diagnosed with diabetes?

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Construction of airplanes

Vroom!! Have you ever wondered how airplanes are build and what materials they are made of? I have and that's why I chose construction of airplanes as my topic. I thought it might be fun to find out how airplanes are made and what materials they use to build them. My I-Search question is how does construction of airplanes change as technology changes?

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Animal Treatment

Do you have animals?...
The reason why I chose Animal treatment is because I was curious as to why they give and use certain things to my animals, when they get sick. My question is, "How has technology affected veterinary care?" Now I know about some of the medicines they give our animals. I feel much better when the vet prescribes medicines that will make Lilly Mary Margaret better.

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Veterinarian Technology (by an ESL student who has been in the country for one year. Audits english and takes math on this team. Takes social studies and science with ESL classes.)

Did you ever go to a veterinarian? I never did but I'm interested in how technology helps animals. I knew that veterinarians are doctors that treat animals. I wanted to learn about how technology helps animals to survive. My search question is: How does technology help veterinarians?

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