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by Howard


Have you ever owned a car? Some people would say "yes". In this report I'm going to tell you a lot about cars. How have cars changed through the years and affected the way we travel? Most of the questions you have will be answered in this report. The reason I chose this topic is because I like cars and my father works in the field.

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When I started this project I looked at the SIRS but I couldn't find anything so I looked in the card catalog. I found a lot about automobiles and I found a good book that shows how cars changed through the years. I took the book because that was my main question. Most of the books I picked out were not good because they were not dealing with my main questions. But then I found a book that was really good because it deals with my question. That was the only thing I really used. I learned a lot of things but I found out something that I never new about cars and is that the engine used to be in the back of the cars.

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For this project I learned a lot about automobiles that I never knew before. One thing is that the car only went straight not side-ways. The engine used to be in the back of the car and those cars were not popular in the early years of the car. I also learned that cars were wagons but put with a engine. Nobody knows who made the first car but people say a Frenchman called Captain Nicholas Joseph Cugnot did that. Most of the car terms come from France like garage, taxi, even the word automobiles.

The Mercedes Benz company is one of the oldest companies. Plus that when the Jeep first came out the army was the only one to use it. Before that, only rich people owned cars. Now mostly everybody owns a car. In 1903 there were only 4 cars.

Now there are over 60 million cars and most of them end up in the junk yard. In 1964 the most popular car in our day came out the Mustang. People said that this car was only for the young but older people bought the car to. When I did my interview I learned a lot from the person I interviewed. He said the engine is the main part of the car that makes it run. He also said a new battery will last about 4-5 years. The battery dies when its old and it's cold. The person I interviewed really knows alot about cars. He sells the car parts to different countries and he is also my father.

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Now I know how to use the SIRS but I really didn't use it. I also learned how to find books more quickly and learned how to look through the catalog. I learned a lot in this project but there's one thing that is very interesting. That the car was made a different way that we have now. The car's engine Put out steam, and dust so this was bad for the environment. I think that if I will be a car maker I will try to make it so it won't be bad for the environment. I learned a lot about myself that I could do this project by myself with out teacher's help. Sometimes my writing wasn't really good but then got better in my writing. I am really proud of myself for doing this myself.

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