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Selected quotes from "MY SEARCH PROCESS" section

Submarine Exploration

When I began researching for I-Search, I went to SIRS first. This was a reliable source of scientific information . . . I did find one article that contained a lot of information about submersible explorations. This article was an excellent recourse, and gave me a lot of information. This article was a breakthrough for me, for it supplied me with a great deal of information.
Next I went to the card catalog . . .
After that, I went back to SIRS. I looked in the index, under different reference names than I had before . . .
Then I went onto the computer . . .
Later, I went to The Readers Guide to Periodical Literature. Luckily, I found a lot of citations about submersibles . . .

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Special Effects

When I first set out to research I wasn't sure where to start. I decided to use the UMI system on the school library's computer to find citations for magazines which had articles on special effects. I had never used this system before, but I soon found out it was quite simple to use. I got a list of seven or so citations in the time period I had on the computer. Walking back to my sear to look at my list I got distracted by a book I saw on the shelf. It proved to have excellent information on everything I needed and I would later find out it would be my best source of information.

Next, I went to the index to the SIRS books. I found an article that suited my topic, and set out to find the book. I found my book after some trouble locating it and read the article which had minimal information, but I did get a good quote. I finally used my computer list and found two articles in magazines which also had little information, but did give me some insight into the movie industry's plans of using special effects in the future.

I had some difficulties finding the right magazines and I didn't get as much information as I would have liked, but I think I answered my question sufficiently. It was extremely frustrating (I don't think I'll laugh about it until I'm out of college) sorting through all the stacks of magazines and never finding that one little issue of Rolling Stone that could have really helped my project. Encyclopedias weren't much help, and I was extremely surprised to see I didn't go blind from sorting through microfiche. Even so, all the researching proved to be a rewarding experience when I saw I had a nice chunk of information.

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Automobiles (student with learning disabilities)

When I started this project I looked at the SIRS but I couldn't find anything so I looked in the card catalog. I found a lot about automobiles and I found a good book that shows how cars changed through the years. I took the book because that was my main question. Most of the books I picked out were not good because they were not dealing with my main questions.

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Diabetes (student with learning disabilities)

At first I used the computers in the library. I didn't know what to do at first but then my friend told me how and I learned quick. I looked under diabetes and there was too much information so I looked under diabetes and technology and I found a lot of good information. After the computers I went to the SIRS. They had a little information but I didn't use any of it. Then I finally went to microfiche and that's where I found all my information. So far that's my best source.

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Construction of Airplanes

First I went to the SIRS and found two articles but only one was good. After that I went to the card catalog and found a couple of books but they were not good. Finally, I went to the vertical files and found some information these. There was a lot of information in the computer on the UMI CD-ROM retrieval program.

I had a couple of problems like not finding enough information I solved that by going to the library. A couple of good sources of information were the interview, and the computer. They gave me a whole bunch of information.

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Veterinarian Technology

I started my I-Search process by writing a business letter to a company. Then I went to the library to take notes. First I looked in the SIRS index. Then I looked in the Life Science volume.

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