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"So it's sort of like the real world because you get to really chose what you're gonna do and you get to do it and you get to research you're own way. And it isn't like made out for you but then we still have to do the report. So it's like my dad's work. He's a chemist. He has to think of stuff to make, research it, make it, think of new ways to make it better then write a report about it. "

"This I-search project was very helpful. If I didn't know about this I wouldn't have known I could interview. Knowing how to interview gave me more information that a book would. People know more than books do. The person gave me the information that wasn't in a book. The most important things I learned was to always keep a journal during the search. I had it as a resource to use, everything was in my journal beginning to end. I could use it when I needed to go back. "

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"There are a few tips for success in this project. Number 1: Don't just choose a group because the people are your friends, choose a group you can work with, and concentrate in. Number 2: Don't up off the project until the last minute or goof off. Number 3: Don't rush through the project because you won't have accurate information, and the teachers check your resources. The things that you should do are: Take your time. Try to go to the library on your own time. Save all your notes. Write a bibliography of the books you use."

"I learned that information won't always be handed to you. Sometimes you've got to really dig to find a good piece of information."

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"Upon doing my research I learned a lot. I learned that research is not as hard as people say. I also learned that there are many different ways of finding information. You can look at books, encyclopedias, videos, interviews, and all sorts of other materials."

"I learned lots of things about being a researcher for example, things aren't always going to come to you, you have to go to them. I had to search through lots of things before I got what I really needed."

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"Yeah I guess because-well one thing that was really like really helpful was doing like calls, calling people, visiting sites and like watching current movies like shows and stuff. And stuff that's like really talking to people, interviewing people, doing stuff that's really up to date. To get like cause I was looking for like prices and statistics and everything and that really helped the most in that aspect of it because I got current up to date, good, like accurate information."

"Well since like for this project we didn't always use the book, we learned diffferent ways of researching. So if I was trying to find a car or a vacation place I would know how...different methods of researching. Calling people or interviewing people. Or even books for something or looking on computers so there are lots of different ways I learned that I hadn't of been doing from any of my other projects. So, yeah."

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"I liked working to be able to pick our own subject cause if we're interested in it we probably wanna research it more than something they gave us so it went by fast. I liked going to the scuba shop and seeing all the gear and - and stuff. And I liked being able to pick my own topic. "

"I enjoyed some of the activities we did in class. My favorite was when we watch [the movie] Captains Courageous, becuse it had a lot of information on the economy of fishing, and was fun to watch. I think having fun while you learn is important. I also liked Mr. Wheeler's talk about the great Auk because I leared a lot of things I would not have otherwise learned. I would like to learn more about kayaking because from what Mr. Wheeler said it looks like fun. I would also like to learn more about the great Auk. This beause it is extinct and I would like to learn how it became this way."

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"I learned a lot about researching. I mean really without the teachers actually helping me and telling me were I could get the information...I think I'll have a better idea of where to look next time."

"I learned how to use the library and I also learned that research is a painstaking process but sooner or later you come across what you want. Comparing and contrasting is a great way to make a good decision. You can measure all the possible outcomes and compare them."

"Our advice to the seventh graders next year is to pick people who are willing to work. Another thing that you should look for in a group member is cooperation. Your group should consist of people willing to do research."

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"With some questions you can't answer them just by reading books. You have to go further. You have to watch videos or go to places to get stuff. You just can't read books to find the answers."

"If I have to do another I-Search unit I would like to share my information with a lot of people, because that way we both would get information. I would try not to make to many mistakes, because I would like to do it on my own. And I would use my time fairly, because it would work out better. And I would also keep track of things because that way it wouldn't take too long to put information together. I would change my way better and try harder to make a great report."

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