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video iconLanguage arts teacher talking about the teaching/learning process.
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video iconLanguage arts teacher talking about real world learning.
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video iconSpecial ed teacher talking about keeping students focused.
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"This is my second year on the project so in terms of learning how to teach the I-Search process it's not new this year. I feel like as a learner I'm learning more team skills, how to interact positively with team members and getting everybody doing the same thing and that's real challenging with six team members."

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"The kids are picking questions that they are interested in. That passion stuff is making a difference. They're engaged in the question they've chosen, they have some control over. Kids are benefiting from it by being able to make some decisions for themselves."

"Well I think the question and the immersion and the passion and having students design their own studies has emerged as a real important piece of this. And I see that that's primary this time around. So maybe other pieces are not getting the same attention. But what I'm saying is that it takes a lot of times of doing it to get all the pieces."

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