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Selected quotes from "WHAT I LEARNED" section

Submarine Exploration

Through my interview, I learned a little about sonar, which is bouncing sound waves off the bottom of the ocean. Sonar was first used for the tracking and destruction of enemy vessels in World War 2. In exploration, it's basically used to map the bottom of the ocean. Now, sonar radars are hooked up to very advanced computers that can separate different noises and eliminate the background noise. These computers make sonar very accurate. I learned all of through my interview.

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Special Effects

As I mentioned in the opening, the shooting of villains is always popular in the movies. The bullets used are often plastic covered detonators called bullet hits which are triggered electronically. The actor being shot at wears bullet plates. These are metal plates with foam padding . . .

The Zoptic System was developed by Zoran Perisic and it was used to make Superman look like he was flying. A radio controlled system using fishing tackle-type rods with lines attached to his cape rippled and flapped the cape at exactly the right moment. The Zoptic System incorporates a camera system and a projector with synchronized zoom lenses. It allows a projected back round scene to remain constant while the camera zooms in on a foreground subject. The result is that the foreground subject appears to move dramatically toward the camera . . .

There are many fields in special effects. As I mentioned there are mechanical effects, as well as atmospheric effects, make-up effects, and optical effects. some take already photographed scenes and add things or change them. In my research I focused on technical items and machine, but if I ever researched special effects again, I think I would look more closely at make-up special effects. I realized when doing my research, that all these special effects are created to entertain and amaze interested moviegoers. Through special effects, all the people on a movie set are trying sharing their excitement about new technologies with audiences. this is why I believe my research connects with the overarching statement of - Technology impacts our lives.

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Automobiles (student with learning disabilities)

Now there are over 60 million cars and most of them end up in the junk yard. In 1964 the most popular car in our day came out the Mustang. People said that this car was only for the young but older people bought the car to. When I did my interview I learned a lot from the person I interviewed. He said the engine is the main part of the car that makes it run. He also said a new battery will last about 4-5 years. The battery dies when its old and it's cold. The person I interviewed really knows alot about cars. He sells the car parts to different countries and he is also my father.

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Construction of Airplanes

I have learned a whole bunch of things like the what materials are used to built airplanes, the newest air plane, and how airplanes have change over time. . .

As a result of my research I have discovered that planes now are lighter, faster, and more fuel efficient and cheaper to build, maintain and operate. the technology that is the most help to the industry are computers and electronics. The better the computers get the more advanced the airplanes get and the easier it is to build and design them, for example the Boeing 777 was designed entirely with computers and uses tons of electronics. That's what made the biggest difference between now and the past in airplane construction.

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