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Selected quotes from "WHAT THIS MEANS TO ME" section

Special Effects

I think that through this research paper I really developed as a researcher. I learned to use the computer to gather information which I had never attempted before because I was scared to. I no longer shy away from large books, because I learned to take things slowly, and one paragraph at a time. I also learned to not get frustrated or become overwhelmed. I also realized that if you try your best, it will be satisfactory, and you don't always have to be the absolute best. I will no longer take movies for granted, because I understand all the effort put into them. At the very beginning of the project, when the teachers were explaining what was required in this paper I got very frightened, because it sounded like a lot of work. When I got into it though, it didn't seem that hard. I've learned that in every job, big or small, there are many difficulties and at the same time, moments of triumph. I learned you have to be independent in this world, and not wait for something to come to you. I'm proud that I made many of my own decisions in this project. I was surprised that l took the risk of changing rny topic, but even so I am extremely glad that I did because this is what I really wanted. I think I developed as a researcher and as a person.

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Automobiles (student with learning disabilities)

Now I know how to use the SIRS but I really didn't use it. I also learned how to find books more quickly and learned how to look through the catalog. I learned a lot in this project but there's one thing that is very interesting. That the car was made a different way that we have now. The car's engine Put out steam, and dust so this was bad for the environment. I think that if I will be a car maker I will try to make it so it won't be bad for the environment. I learned a lot about myself that I could do this project by myself with out teacher's help. Sometimes my writing wasn't really good but then got better in my writing. I am really proud of myself for doing this myself.

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