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Living Life: Stories of Women, Men and Changing Roles in the 20th Century
A new book and website on gender equity in education
Developed by Education Development Center, Inc., and funded by the Ford Foundation

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Our Perspective

Living Life begins with some key assumptions:

  • The lives of women and men in this country are richer, more fulfilled, and more productive because of the opportunities presented by gender equity
  • It takes legislation to support changes that are already happeningóby making them part of a national agenda and providing both federal resources and a federal initiative
  • The real excitement and impact of the movement is found in the stories and reflections of those who have lived and who continue to live out the gender equity experience

The stories include the reflections of those who, almost 30 years ago, envisioned and implemented gender equity laws; those who developed and administered gender equity programs and projects; those who implemented gender equity programs and initiatives in vocational education, nontraditional careers, or workplaces; and those who were introduced to gender equity and its outcomes through classrooms or specific programs, or by meeting critical individuals. Together, their voices represent a long line of people who continue today to build exciting lives, envisioning and implementing new work, new studies, and new relationships.