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Living Life: Stories of Women, Men and Changing Roles in the 20th Century
A new book and website on gender equity in education
Developed by Education Development Center, Inc., and funded by the Ford Foundation

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You Can Help!

This project reflects the experiences and feelings of those who have benefited from gender equity. There are a number of ways that you can be part of this effort to create the site and book:

  • Recommend individuals for interviews—we especially want to talk with individuals who participated in gender equity programs as students or adult participants, or as administrators of local projects
  • Take our on-line interview
  • Agree to be interviewed yourself
  • Provide us with historical materials, including documents, photos, or other items (which need to be in digital form) that we can use for the web archive or in the book
  • Host an opportunity for a focus group, forum, or other event in which we can talk with participants, including cross-generational, cross-cultural, and cross-gender dialogues about gender equity—excerpts from these conversations will help us develop the book or may be included on the website
  • Help to publicize the book through your networks

Let us know how you can help by contacting us at