Science of Learning Center

Learner Diversity and Technology Enhanced Learning: Different Questions, New Understandings

"Learner Diversity and Technology Enhanced Learning: Different Questions, New Understandings" is a collaborative project funded by the National Science Foundation's Science of Learning Centers program. Together with national and international partners, the project seeks to define a research agenda that can help determine how integrating the perspectives of diverse populations can improve technology design, training, and implementation to enhance learning. Activities include:

• supporting network of global partners and affiliates who participate in the catalyst activities and in the envisioned center.
• conducting a meta-analysis of the existing learning technology literature from the perspective of learner diversity
•convene a series of online and face-to-face forums designed to challenge assumptions and identify key research strands
• convene a global conference that brings together technology specialists, equity experts, businesses, publishers, higher education, and professional organizations to explore how a focus on diversity could enhance technology-based learning in different settings; produce discussion documents that help define and support an innovative research agenda for a science of learning center;
• conduct design and use experiments to help frame the research agenda;

To read our recently published meta-analysis of existing learning technology literature, click here:

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