Breaking Barriers Data



Breaking Barriers

Impact Data

Achievements from June 1998 - December 2001

383 participants: 85% women; 15% men
310 participants attended to family education, ESL/GED
16 participants have obtained GED certificates; 54 participants are pursuing GED certificates.
85 participants have benefitted from innovative computer skill workshops.
50 Latino parents have participated in two Waltham schools focus groups.
8 participants took part in research on gender issues and made power point presentations to the community.
16 participants took part in proposal writing and leadership workshop. The proposal submitted obtained funding. Breaking Barriers will look for non-profit status.

Impact on Latino Women and Men

90% of participants are working in full- or part-time jobs; 10% are in training and education programs.
Participants are strategizing short, medium and long term career goals.
Participants are becoming involved in the community and volunteering at grass-roots organizations.
Latino parents of two Waltham schools are interested and becoming more involved in their children's education.
1 Breaking Barriers participant is now working as a bank teller after successfully completing her training at Citizens Bank.

Impact on Children and Families

Latino children have greater access to day care, pre-school, after school, and lunch programs.
30 participants attended first time homebuyer's seminars and 20 purchased homes.
Participants are becoming role models for their children and the Latino community.
Participants benefitting from other outreach programs related to health, legal services, after school programs, parenting and other education initiatives.
12 Latino children attended the after school programs.
Around 1400 family members indirectly benefitted.

Impact on Community

The Power Program developed new models of program delivery: more intensive ESL classes and the provision of GED in Spanish.
Christ Church Parish started an after school program for Latinos.
Marist Missionary Sisters is offering computer skills training to low income citizens.
Waltham Public Library, together with volunteers of the Breaking Barriers project, offered a Spanish reading program for children.
2 Waltham schools participated in a program to promote Latino parent leadership.