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Engendering Technology in the Era of Globalization
Presented at University of Central Oklahoma
March 31, 2003 in Edmond, Oklahoma
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Society for Women Engineers (SWE) Conference
October 9-12, 2002 in Detroit, Michigan
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Association for Gender Equity Leadership in Education (AGELE) Conference
July 10-13, 2002 in San Diego, California
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Honoring the International Day Against Violence Against Women: Introduction
The Gender, Diversities & Technology Institute, in recognition of the International Day Against Violence Against Women, hosted a panel discussion on challenges and solutions. Moderated by Sundra Flansburg, director of the WEEA Equity Resource Center, the panel shared experiences and new issues emerging within gendered violence efforts. Penninah Ogada, relating to our emerging work in Kenya, expanded on the existing definition of gendered violence to include such issues as social ostracization and the challenges facing young women moving from rural areas to universities. Terri Boyer Tillbrook discussed the emerging role of men within the violence prevention movement. Gabriella Canepa, drawing from the Building Bridges project for Latinas/os, described the experience and aftermath of rape and the lack of comprehensive laws and services to protect immigrant girls and women. Sundra Flansburg described the GDTI's work with the University of Costa Rica as we developed the Inter-American Forum on Gendered Violence. The comments from the session will be compiled and placed on the website.
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"The Role of Education in Preventing Gender-based Violence"
Proceedings from the Inter-American Forum
San Jose, Costa Rica
February 7-8, 2002
The Institute and our partner, the Universidad de Costa Rica's Center for Research in Women's Studies, brought together 26 participants from 10 countries around the Americas to begin an ongoing dialogue about gender violence. The goal of the Forum was to bring together people who weren't part of the "usual crowd" at international gatherings, but rather to link practitioners and researchers and to reach across boundaries of country and language to focus on how education can support the elimination of gender violence. Click here to find out more or to view the publications from the forum.
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Gender and Diversities Spring Institute
Gender Equity to Improve the Education of Boys
As boys and girls mature, they feel intensifying pressure to conform to a very narrow definition of "masculine" and "feminine." Many parents and school personnel around the country are working to free young people from stereotypes that limit their choices, their career opportunities, and their health and well-being. With these concerns in mind the Gender and Diversities Institute convened its spring forum to look closely and honestly at some thorny issues concerning gender and equity and to suggest responses that will improve the education and well-being of boys.
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Gender and Diversities Fall Forum
Building Real Bridges: Placing Race, Gender, and Culture at the Core of E-learning
What if gender and diversities were the beginning point for the design and facilitation of online learning? If gender and diversities were truly valued, what would e-learning look like? Would software be different? Would the construction of course content be different? If we took all we know about different learning styles, cultural differences, gender, race, ethnicity, economic status, or disability, how would we construct online courses so they were exciting, inclusive, and engaging?