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Gender Healthy Respectful Schools (2001 - 2004)

The Gender Healthy/Respectful Schools Project works with teacher teams from Boston and Cambridge public schools to support the growth of school communities that are free from sexism, gender bias, and other discriminatory practices that inhibit academic achievement. Learning environments that are socially, emotionally, and physically safe and in which students and adults respect themselves and one another provide an essential foundation for fostering academic excellence and social responsibility in all students.

Gender Healthy/Respectful Schools also produced and developed an award-winning video that captures the experiences and lessons learned in a three-year project in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts schools.

Funded by the Caroline and Sigmund Schott Foundation, the project supports the professional development of teachers and other educators on equity issues; strengthens and expands a network of activists and advocates for gender equity; and raises the awareness of gender inequities among district administrators, principals, policymakers, parents, and the public. The project uses a reflective practice approach that assists teams in documenting the impact of their work and disseminating their learnings about gender equity to the broader community.