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You may link your Web site to ours. The following information about the Gender, Diversities, & Technology Institute can be copied onto your site. If you want your organization to be included in our list of links, please send us an email to with the Web site address and a brief description of your organization.

You can link your organization to the Gender, Diversities & Technology Institute Web site in three easy steps:

1. Save a graphic file of the GDTI logo

To save the image (below) to your computer, let your cursor hover over the image. Next, call-up the mouse menu (right-click on a PC or click-and-hold on a Mac), and choose the "Save Picture As ...." option.

2. Copy a description of GDTI.

To copy the text, drag your mouse over all the text that you want. Next, call-up the mouse menu (right click on a PC or click-and-hold on a Mac), and choose the "Copy" option. To paste this text, simply right-click on the page that you would like to copy to and select the "Paste" option.

3. Link to the GDTI Web site

at Note: Please be sure to set the target equal to "_top" if you have a framed Web site.



Short Version

The Gender, Diversities, & Technology Institute is a learning exchange, an incubator for new ideas and approaches, a generator of new policy. We are a global institute dedicated to improving the well-being of individuals and organizations through innovative approaches to life-long learning. We believe that the connection between learning and human development is most powerful when the unique pespectives and strengths associated with gender, race, ethnicity, and other diversities guide and inform the process. We provide a safe space that connects, informs, and mobilizes people and organizations committed to creating gender-healthy education and workplaces, leadership, and sustainable development.

For additional information about the Gender, Diversities & Technology Institute, please visit the GDI site or contact the project directly as below:

Katherine Hanson, Strategic director
Gender, Diversities & Technology Institute
55 Chapel Street, Newton, MA 02458