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WEEA Equity Resource Center

Gender equity in education is the mission of this organization, one of many that collaborate with ENC

by Gay Gordon, ENC (Eisenhower National Clearinghouse) Publishing

In 1974, the Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA) established a program to promote gender equity in schools and other community organizations. The law created an annual grant competition administered through the US Department of Education, as well as a national resource center designed to support the work of these grants and disseminate the learning.

Since its founding in 1976, the WEEA Equity Resource Center has been housed at Education Development Center in Newton, Massachusetts. Originally it served as a technical assistance center and publishing house for WEEA grantees, but it has broadened its reach over the years. Currently, the WEEA Center has published more than 350 titles on gender equity issues and provides technical assistance to implement and expand gender equity programs in the larger K-16 education community, with special emphasis on underserved populations of girls and women. In 1998 the Center responded to more than 1,200 technical assistance requests on topics such as sexual harassment, gender equity awareness, mentoring, and effective classroom practices.

The WEEA Associates program began in 1998. It enables the WEEA Equity Resource Center to extend its reach by working with other organizations that are willing to assist WEEA in accomplishing its mission. WEEA Associates are located throughout the country and can respond to technical assistance requests in their regions in a cost-effective manner. WEEA Associates are affiliated with a wide variety of organizations, including Comprehensive Assistance Centers, universities, regional education labs, mathematics and science consortia, state departments of education, and other organizations devoted to gender equity issues.

Beyond providing technical assistance, Associates agree to work with WEEA in several ways, including facilitating online discussions, representing WEEA at conferences, reviewing and/or writing publications and other materials, and providing information and resources for the WEEA web site ( In turn, WEEA supports the Associates program by holding a yearly orientation and updating Associates on activities; maintaining a private listserv; providing copies of all WEEA publications; supplying WEEA materials for conferences and meetings; marketing the availability of the Associates program; and providing monthly updates on WEEA activities.

ENC participates in the WEEA Associates program, and I am the contact person. ENC includes WEEA publications on issues related to math and science education in our online catalog of resources. This year, we also expect to feature one of the Equity Center's important products, an online course for educators, "Engaging Middle School Girls in Math and Science."

I have worked with the WEEA Equity Resource Center over the past year to facilitate an online discussion on women in science and then to prepare a companion publication. The online discussion included several national and international panelists who raised numerous issues concerning women as full participants in science as a profession. The issue with which I am most concerned is maintaining girls' interest in science beyond the middle school years. Many people participated in the discussion, sharing their concerns, programs, and ideas. It was a very lively discussion, and the publication is in the works.

To subscribe to the EDEQUITY listserv, send an email message ( The subject must be left blank and the body of the message should read: subscribe edequity (no quotation marks or other punctuation).

For additional information about WEEA services or the Associates program, contact:

WEEA Equity Resource Center
Education Development Center, Inc. 55 Chapel Street
Newton, NIA 02458-1060
(617) 969-7100 / Fax: (617) 332-4318 (800) 225-3088