Raising and Educating Boys: Developing Connections in a Changing World



Raising and Educating Boys:
Developing Connections in a Changing World

Boys' lives are being critically examined across the educational, socio-cultural, and political spheres. Here's an opportunity for you to join with educators from around the globe who are concerned about creating gender healthy schools for boys and girls. This 6-session online workshop explores stereotyped views of masculinity, the current literature on boys' development and education, and the important variables of race, ethnicity, class, and disability. Through reflection, active discussions, case studies, and readings, participants will identify key areas of concern related to boys' lives in school and in society and develop strategies to encourage healthy development and resiliency in boys. Together, participants will:

  • examine and build their understanding of the dynamic of gender role stereotyping and the construction of masculinity in the lives of different groups of boys and men
  • explore the current literature on the specific needs of boys within school
  • examine our roles as educators in fostering healthy development and academic achievement
  • design and implement an activity or project that reflects the issues examined in the course.

Registration & Fee Information

Registration Deadline:
Course Duration: 6 weeks
Technology Tutorial:
Fee: $350 includes course material (Add $40 for College Credit Enrollment)
Enrollment: Limited to 20 with a minimum of 15 participants needed.
Register: Please complete and submit the online registration form, and print out and mail or fax the payment form. Participants will not be officially registered until payment is received.
Fax: (617) 332-4318

Register: For registration information, please contact snair@edc.org

Course Sessions

Technology Tutorial
Session 1: "Boys will be Boys": Male development and the nurturing of masculinity
Session 2: The Price Many Boys Pay in Schools: What the literature tells us
Session 3: Key Areas of Concern for Boys in Schools
Session 4: Fostering resiliency in boys: fixing problems or nurturing strengths?
Session 5: Toward a Vision of Masculinities
Session 6: Class Presentations


Course Requirements

1. a minimum of 3 hours online per session
2. post at least 3 messages per session
3. weekly posted responses to questions
4. complete, prepare and post a final activity
5. participate in ongoing evaluation of the course.

Course Credits

Professional Development Points:

For information on requirements for professional development points in your state, contact your district or state education department.

College Credits:

Participants seeking course credit can receive college credit (either undergraduate or graduate) through Antioch University for this course. To enroll for course credit, indicate at which level you wish to participate where appropriate on the registration form and include an additional $40 (per person) as part of your payment. In addition to regular course requirements, there are other specific requirements for the final project if you choose this option. Please contact us for more details.

If you are interested in being notified about upcoming offerings of this course or for more information contact us at genderdiversities@edc.org.