Spring institute



Spring Institute:
Gender Equity to Improve the Education of Boys

As boys and girls mature, they feel intensifying pressure to conform to a very narrow definition of "masculine" and "feminine." Many parents and school personnel around the country are working to free young people from stereotypes that limit their choices, their career opportunities, and their health and well-being.

With these concerns in mind the Gender, Diversities & Technology Institute convened its spring forum to look closely and honestly at some thorny issues concerning gender and equity and to suggest responses that will improve the education and well-being of boys.

Beginning with the belief that gender equitable education benefits all students, a group of educators and researchers talked with Craig Flood, Institute Fellow and moderator in an effort to better understand the current needs of boys.

Forum speakers included: Susan Shaffer, who with her co-author Linda Gordon, wrote Why Boys Don't Talk and Why We Care: Mothers Guide to Connection; Craig Flood, and Alison McClaughlin and Rich Catrambone, both licensed social workers who work with boys in a local school system.

The discussion ranged from explorations of the impact of stereotyping on boys' sense of self and on their educational experiences to modeling positive relationships between females and males to practical strategies to support boys' healthy development and learning.

The forum report, "Raising and Educating Boys: A gender-healthy approach" will be available online and in print. If you wish to be notified when the report is available, please let us know.