Which of the following workshops would you most like to see GDI offer in the future?


Conference Workshops

Designing for Diverse Audiences: K-12 Research as a Model
JCDL 2004
June7-11, 2004
Tuscon, Arizona

Weekend Workshops

In response to requests for short-term workshops that are widely accessible, we have developed new Weekend Workshops for the busy educator. Access the workshop anytime from 5 PM on Friday through 12 AM on Monday morning-all you need is access to the Internet, an email address, and interest in the topic. The interactive format includes readings, activities, and case studies, combined with an active facilitated discussion. Workshop facilitators are a diverse group of educators and practitioners with expertise in gender, diversity, and education practice.

Workshop Fee: each facilitated weekend workshop is $175 per participant.

Enrollment: Limited to 40 with a minimum of 15 participants needed.

Current Workshops

The Equity Connection: Instruction & Achievement

This workshop examines the connections between classroom interactions and achievement through the lens of gender equity. Participants will engage in activities and discussion on student and teacher behaviors that influence instruction, as well as create a list of equitable interaction strategies for the classroom. Helpful to educators in both formal and informal settings.

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Equitable Assessment

This workshop addresses one of the crucial issues in education today, equitable assessment that truly reflects student's achievement. Using the lens of gender equity, participants will complete reading, and activities, and discussions on the current use of assessment in our classrooms, as well as how we can begin to address the gaps in achievement.

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Other Proposed Workshops

The following are proposed workshops and will be offered based on interest (minimum of 15 participants required). If you would like us to offer any of the proposed workshops click here.

Retaining a diverse workforce
Gender violence and education
Men, women, and technology: a new canvas for creativity
Making the STEM workplace live for your students
Conversations with a scientist
Conversations with a mathematician
Conversations with an engineer
Using the Web's Digital Libraries and Resources
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