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Self-Study Guide for CHES

Self-Study Guide for Certified Health Education Specialists (CHES)

Certified Health Education Specialists (CHES) can earn up to 13 Category I Continuing Education Contact Hours (CECH) by successfully completing self-study questions based on the chapters in the book Health Is Academic: A Guide to Coordinated School Health Programs, published by Teachers College Press.  To obtain ordering information for the book, please contact Teachers College Press.

This page contains links to a downloadable registration form and to downloadable questionnaires and response forms for each chapter.  If you are a CHES, you may print out the forms, complete the registration form and the response forms for as many chapters as you choose, and mail the completed registration and response forms, together with your payment, to: Yvette Camacho, Health Is Academic Self Study, Education Development Center, Inc., 55 Chapel Street, Newton MA 02458. E-mail  The required payment is $104 when all 13 chapters are submitted at the same time, or $10 per chapter for less than 13.

For more information about becoming a CHES, please contact The National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. at (888) 624-3248.

Continuing Education Registration

Chapter 1 Questions

Chapter 1 Answer Form

Chapter 2 Questions

Chapter 2 Answer Form

Chapter 3 Questions

Chapter 3 Answer Form

Chapter 4 Questions

Chapter 4 Answer Form

Chapter 5 Questions

Chapter 5 Answer Form

Chapter 6 Questions

Chapter 6 Answer Form

Chapter 7 Questions

Chapter 7 Answer Form

Chapter 8 Questions

Chapter 8 Answer Form

Chapter 9 Questions

Chapter 9 Answer Form

Chapter 10 Questions

Chapter 10 Answer Form

Chapter 11 Questions

Chapter 11 Answer Form

Chapter 12 Questions

Chapter 12 Answer Form

Chapter 13 Questions

Chapter 13 Answer Form


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