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Self-Study Guide for Certified Health Education Specialists


Many resources are available to assist school districts and states as they plan and implement CSHPs. Selected resources appear in the following categories:

Resources from EDC’s CSHP Initiative

Published in 1998, the book Health Is Academic: A Guide to Coordinated School Health Programs summarizes the concept and the eight components of CSHPs, as well as implementation issues at local, state, and national levels.

Talking About Health Is Academic (1999), a sequel to the book Health Is Academic, features six workshop modules that schools and communities can use to promote a coordinated approach to school health programs. The modules include charts, summaries, graphics, and overheads. They focus on getting organized, strengthening interdisciplinary work, introducing new ideas, focusing on a specific component, and understanding the state’s role.

  • A Load Off the Teachers’ Backs: Coordinated School Health Programs
  • This Kappan Special Report shows how CSHPs support education reform and address teachers' frustrations about having to tend to pupils' health and social needs on top of their other educational responsibilities.

    This newsletter is published three times per year to provide school and community practitioners with the latest news about school health, descriptions of recent resources, and a comprehensive list of upcoming conferences.

    This section describes how CHES can earn contact hours by successfully completing self-study questions based on the content of the book Health Is Academic.

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    Resources from Other EDC Initiatives

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