Professional Development

Providing relevant, in-depth and ongoing staff development is an essential ingredient for a strong implementation of MathScape. The experiences of various districts using MathScape suggest that teachers who receive ongoing support during the first 2-3 years of implementation have better results using the curriculum and are more satisfied with the materials than those who do not.

Prior to implementation

There are a number of steps that need to happen before MathScape is properly implemented into a district. Pre-implementation workshops are a good way to introduce MathScape to a district. [More]

During the first year of implementation

As teachers begin using MathScape, experience suggests that their concerns center on the specifics of using the curriculum, including how to assess students and meet local standards. [More]

The second year and beyond

Many teachers reflect on their MathScape experience before the beginning of year two. Frequently they will ask themselves, "What will I do differently this year?" [More]


For more information about MathScape professional development, contact your Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Academic Regional Office.