Prior to Implementation

Before implementation, it is important for teachers to receive professional development helping them understand how to teach with the MathScape curriculum materials. It is recommended that teachers take an Overview Workshop in cross grade groups (lasting up to 3 hours), and two unit workshops. These workshops should be conducted in grade level groups with teachers who will be expected to teach the unit.

Suggested initial unit workshops

6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
What Does the Data Say? Buyer Beware Looking Behind the Numbers
From Wholes to Parts Chance Encounters Mathematics of Motion

Why are unit-training workshops so important?

The mathematics is presented through a variety of hands-on investigations and the core of the substantive mathematics learning lies often in the discussions that follow the investigations. Many teachers' mathematics educations differed substantially from this kind of approach. Unit training workshops provide an opportunity for a teacher to act both as a learner of mathematics who experiences this approach to the content and as a teacher who can think about how to mesh this approach with their own teaching style.

In addition, the workshops often involve some attention to ways of conducting discussions in math class, having students write about mathematics, considering different assessment strategies, exploring different approaches and potential student misconceptions and practicing use of sometimes unfamiliar manipulatives. These workshops not only familiarize teachers with a unit but also help to paint a picture of a successful classroom in action.