The Second Year of Implementation

The primary question on teachers’ minds as they enter Year 2 is “What will I do differently this year?” Support during this second year should address more specifics about use of the curriculum – continue unit training workshops as needed. In addition, teachers begin to think more about related aspects of teaching the curriculum, such as assessment, discussions and writing, use of technology or using the curriculum with special needs students. You may want to focus teacher study groups or math meetings around one of these topics.

The Third Year and Beyond

At this point, many teachers report feeling more comfortable with the use of the curriculum and are ready to turn their thoughts to focusing on the mathematics in the curriculum and on student learning and mathematical thinking. You may want to focus some meetings on sharing and discussing student work, the mathematics students are learning, and how to help students be most successful.

Review and Reflection: How do you know if it's working?

If you have not set up criteria or indicators during the planning phase to gauge the success of your implementation, it’s never too late! You may want to “take the pulse” of the implementation at the beginning, middle and end of the year using the indicators you identified.