Teaching Resources


The MathScape program consists of twenty-one units that are sequenced into three years of study. The primary components are modular or hardbound student guides and accompanying teacher guides. Many additional features support teachers and students. [More]

Assessment and Homework

MathScape provides opportunities and support for a range of assessment techniques. These include embedded assessment projects, writing tasks, homework, portfolios, self-assessments and group assessments. In addition, each unit includes 3 or 4 skill quizzes to assess student understanding. [More]

Using Technology

Each MathScape unit includes Technology Options containing guidance for using scientific calculators, graphing calculators, software, web tools and virtual manipulatives with particular phases of the unit. The teacher guide provides support for integrating technology into the MathScape lesson. [More]

Lesson Structure and Management

Every MathScape lesson has a set of similar components: an introduction, a first investigation, a discussion, a second extension/investigation and a wrap-up. Students will work in pairs or small groups, participate in discussions and share their approaches to solving problems, and reflect upon their learning through individual writing tasks. [More]

Communicating with Families

Family members' past experiences as math learners shape their current attitudes towards their children's math education. Being proactive with parents is essential to address parents concerns and give them the tools to be able to help their child be a successful and independent learner. [More]


For more Teaching Resources including online study tools and materials, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill's Course 1, Course 2, and Course 3 resources are available for teachers.