Communicating with Families

Different opinions about prior math experiences

Family members come from so many different experiences with math. Having parents or family members do MathScape activities gives them a common experience and helps them see how the mathematics can be embedded in investigations. The following are several ways to communicate with parents about MathScape.

Suggestions for 6th Grade parent activities

Unit Name Lesson
From Wholes to Parts Lesson 11, Race for the Wholes
Beside the Point Lesson 3, Place Value Game
Patterns in Numbers and Shapes Lesson 3, Crossing the River

Suggestions for 7th Grade parent activities

Unit Name Lesson
Buyer Beware Lesson 11, Shop with Discount Coupons
The Language of Algebra Lesson 4, Raising Funds
Chance Encounters Lesson 5, The Mystery Spinner Game

Suggestions for 8th Grade parent activities

Unit Name Lesson
Looking Behind the Numbers Lesson 2, Who's the Best
Mathematics of Motion Lesson 10, The Lins Go on an Outing
Family Portraits Lesson 10, Folds and Regions