Using Technology

While there are numerous opportunities to include technology in a MathScape lesson, there are very few technology requirements for teaching a MathScape unit. The unit Getting Down to Business is the one unit that requires the use of spreadsheets to help students investigate the concept of function. All MathScape students will need access to scientific calculators for most daily work and some of the homework.

Graphing Calculators

Graphing calculators are not required for any of the regular curriculum activities. For teachers who are interested in using them, many units contain suggestions for ways to incorporate graphing calculators to reinforce concepts or extend student thinking. These suggestions can be found on the technology options pages throughout the teacher guides.

Computer Software

Getting Down to Business, a seventh-grade unit, is the only unit that requires use of a spreadsheet program. Throughout the rest of the curriculum, computer software is used as an optional (but valuable) way to extend the mathematics in the curriculum. Most units contain suggestions for ways to use specific pieces of software in conjunction with the materials in the unit. Using these suggestions, it is possible to incorporate spreadsheet software, drawing programs, geometry software, and visualizing applications into the MathScape program.

The Internet

Links are provided to websites where teachers and students can gather data of particular interest to them and find information on topics in other disciplines that serve as backdrops for MathScape units. For example, What Comes Next?, an eighth-grade unit, uses population growth data to introduce students to various mathematical models of growth. In addition, links are provided to websites that contain virtual manipulatives, activies and lessons that integrate technology. Guidance on where and how to use particular web tools is provided on the technology options pages in the teacher guides.


For additional technology resources, visit Glencoe/McGraw-Hill's Technology Options pages for Course 1, Course 2 and Course 3.