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Collection: Technology for Students Who Are Visually Impaired

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School and Family Participation Is Key

NCIP Staff, 1994

Rebeka and Angie are successful writers because their vision specialists, school administrators, teachers, and parents have all worked together to find technology that is well suited to these students' needs.

Rebeka's vision specialist, Arlee Valentine, works closely with Rebeka's teachers to adapt computer technology and other materials for Rebeka's use. Throughout the year, she consults frequently with Rebeka's parents, who are always investigating new technology and other materials and sharing this information.

The third-grade teachers meet to plan instructional activities for all their students and to brainstorm ways to make these accessible to Rebeka. Administrators support teachers in this effort by providing release time for weekly meetings.

Angie's mother, Diane Bourdeau, stresses the importance of open and honest communication among all those involved in the education of a student who is visually impaired. To achieve this goal, each spring she and Angie's vision specialist, Kathy McNamara, meet with all of the teachers who will have Angie in their classes the following year. At the meeting, the challenges and rewards of having Angie in a class are discussed and teachers are encouraged to share their fears and concerns. Some teachers embrace the opportunity to have Angie in their class, while others are more apprehensive. Diane Boudreau reports, however, that once teachers have Angie as their student, their fears dissipate and they take great pleasure in her unique strengths and sheer love of learning.

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