A picture from the Hypercard stack created by the students in the project is a black and white drawing showing a boy dressed in flowered pants with suspendors and wearing sneakers. He is standing with his arms in the air.  Next to the drawing is the text: 

"I was looking real snazzy in my new plaid suspendors, grass green jumpsuit, full-legged Jams, and my dad's burnt orange derby cap.  I was right about to go to Valencia's house when I noticed that I was out of my favorite bacon and egg flavored chapstick.  There hasn't been a day in my life that I haven't gone without my chapstick.  If I go to the drug store then I will be late for the date with Valencia, but if I go now I could be too early and I know I will have problems with my cracked lips."

Two navigation buttons at the bottom of the page give the user the choice of "Go to Valencia's" or "Go to drug store."

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