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Barbara Comments on Small-Group Activity

Barbara-photoSome of our children do need the experience of coming together in small groups. Some of my students with disabilities would prefer to stay off by themselves, or go off with their aide. It's always a balance between being too teacher-directed, but sometimes they need to be motivated to come together and interact as a group.

Sometimes it's a table-top activity, sometimes it's at an activity center. So tomorrow we're going to be painting fish. We need to make sure that Ricky has a choice about how he's going to paint the fish. The vocabulary is already at the center, so when Ellie asks him "How do you want to paint your fish?" Ricky can choose between a paint brush, a sponge or a cushie ball, or his hands. Now someone like Martha, who needs to choose the object itself or maybe a photograph, we make sure we have those materials in the center.

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