DragonDictate for Windows

Like PowerSecretary, DragonDictate (Dragon Systems) comes with a 120,000 word vocabulary with a maximum vocabulary size of 60,000 words. Optional DragonPro modules can be purchased to expand DragonDictate to 180,000 words, including industry and professional terms. DragonDictate is compatible with most all Windows applications and supports custom software, new versions of products, and a wide variety of systems with built-in 16-bit audio or industry standard sound cards. The power of DragonDictate is its QuickTalk technology which speeds up dictation by shortening the pause between words that is required in all systems.

DragonDictate contains more than 4500 macros for words or phrases (e.g., "bold next four words), further speeding up the dictation process and even including commands for surfing the Internet. In addition, DragonDictate also comes with MouseGrid, a patented mouse voice controller which allows the user to quickly move the mouse pointer to anywhere on the screen by saying just a few words, and thus speeding-up navigation, dictation, and editing time once again.

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DragonDictate for Windows
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