photo of Jason


Before voice recognition, writing was impossible for me to do. My handwriting was very hard for me, or any other person to read. My spelling was terrible. I had good ideas but couldn't get them down on paper.

My writing and reading are excellent now. I'm able to get my ideas down on paper but it hasn't helped me in grammar and proofreading.

I continue to use voice recognition at home and at school. At home I write email and letters. At school I take notes from a text. I write reports. I do all my work using voice input.

It was not hard to learn commands. It was a little frustrating initially because it didn't know my voice. Every time I used it, it got a little easier.

The voice recognition has put a more independent and confident edge on my life. Voice recognition got me to do things on my own and I don't need assistance. In college, I will be able to do anything that I want with writing.