Kurzweil VOICE for Windows

Kurzweil VOICE for Windows comes with a 200,000 word dictionary and offers both a 30,000-word or 60,000-word additional vocabulary. VOICE can be used with most Windows applications and boasts a 95 percent or above recognition accuracy rate once the system adapts to the users' speech and language patterns. Kurzweil's most recent release is VOICE for Windows 2.0, which provides built-in commands for Windows 95, Windows 3.1x, and the most recent versions of Windows software applications such as Microsoft Office, Lotus SmartSuite, and CorelOffice.

Kurzweil claims that VOICE for Windows is easy to install, learn, and use, requiring little training. It is compatible with sound boards from Creative Labs, as well as other Windows-compatible, 12-bit sound boards and supports networks compatible with Windows. VOICE 2.0 requires 486 DX4/75 microprocess or higher (Pentium processor recommended for Windows 95), 8 MB dedicated RAM for 30,000-word vocabulary, 16 dedicated MB RAM for 60,000-word vocabulary, and 35 MB dedicated hard disk space. VOICE for Windows includes a Telex Nomad microphone with the application.

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