This most widely used Macintosh application for voice recognition, PowerSecretary (Dragon Systems) comes in two versions, the Power Edition and the Personal Edition. The Power Edition features a 120,000 word dictionary with a maximum active vocabulary size of 60,000 words. Users can dictate up to 40-55 correct words per minute into most application programs. The benefit of the Power Edition is in its flexibility to dictate into multiple applications and for its large vocabulary size.

The Personal Edition is uniquely designed to work exclusively with Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, ClarisWorks, and FileMaker Pro. The Personal Edition is great for users who only need to dictate into one application and who don't need the large vocabulary of the Power Edition. Like the Power Edition, the Personal Edition comes with a 120,000 word dictionary, but is limited to only a 30,000 word vocabulary, though it can be upgraded at a later point to the Power Edition.

Dragon Systems also offers PowerSecretary MED, the Macintosh voice recognition solution for healthcare professionals and professionals requiring additional specialized dictionaries.

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