IBM VoiceType Dictation for Windows 95
Version 3.0

Created for the Windows 95 environment, IBM VoiceType Dictation 3.0 comes with a 22,000-word base vocabulary, to which users can add an additional 42,000 words. A series of macros (or shortcuts) are included to speed up the dictation process. Based upon customer tests, IBM claims VoiceType to be more than 90 percent accurate for most people right out of the box.

VoiceType works with standard SoundBlaster-compatible or Mwave sound cards users probably already have on the computer system and is available in six languages (US English, UK English, French, German, Italian, Spanish) and Chinese and Japanese versions are soon to be released. Minimum hardware and software requirements needed to run IBM VoiceType Dictation 3.0 are a 90 Mhtz. Pentium processor and a 256KB level 2 cashe or faster processor and Windows-95. VoiceType works directly with speech aware programs like Microsoft Word.

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IBM VoiceType Dictation for Windows 95
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