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: Linda J. Burkhart has written a number of books for practitioners and parents involved with children who have expressive language disabilities. She also developed and sells a variety of controls for computers and battery toys.

Several of her books are described below:

Total Augmentative Communication in the Early Childhood Classroom

This book is written for teachers, parents, therapists and others involved with children who have expressive language disabilities, including both expressive and receptive delays. The book presents many ideas and projects for incorporating communication activities into the early learner's environment, including activities for sign language, low-tech equipment, voice output, talking switches, etc. Strategies presented range from simple or "light tech" to "high tech," with clear directions and illustrations. Emergent literacy, emergent math and teaching techniques are also covered. While the ideas are designed for young children, many applications are appropriate for older children functioning on a young developmental level.

Price: $29.95

Homemade battery-powered toys and educational devices for severely handicapped children.

This book describes how to make simple switches and toy adaptations easily and inexpensively. It gives complete instructions and clear illustrations as well as suggested uses and activities.

Price: $7.50

More homemade battery devices for severely handicapped children with suggested activities.

A continuation of the first book, this book provides more ideas and devices with complete directions for construction. No special skills are needed and most materials can tools can be found around the house or purchased at local stores. It includes an extensive chapter on suggested activities, along with goals, materials and procedures, for incorporating these devices in many aspects of the child's program. Areas covered include: cognition, communication skills, motor skills, self-help and social development.

Price: $14.00

Using computers and speech synthesis to facilitate communicative interaction with young and/or severely handicapped children.

This book is a compilation of ideas and strategies for use with young children with disabilities and older children functioning at low levels. The main focus is on developing communicative interaction skills for non-speaking, pre-speaking and beginning-to-speak children with emphasis on using synthesized speech. Also discussed are beginning skills that can be taught using a wide variety of devices, from tape recorders to computers. The book includes an extensive section on suggested strategies and activities for teaching beginning communicative interaction. This section provides detailed directions for construction of simple adapted devices and adaptations to computers. Programs for older models of computers are included that enable a child to use them as a beginning communication device.

Price: $24.95

TO ORDER: To order any of these books, or to receive a flyer describing other materials, including switches and controls which Linda Burkhart develops and distributes contact:

Linda J. Burkhart
Simplified Technology for Persons with Severe Disabilities
6201 Candle Court, Eldersburg, MD 21784
Phone: (410) 795-4561

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