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REFERENCE: Bank Street College of Education. (1993, May). Project PULSE: Laptop computers for students and teachers. News from the Center for Children and Technology and the Center for Technology in Education, p.1-6.

The following is excerpted with permission of the authors.

For the students, this project has been an opportunity to take computers into their own hands - to have a year in which tools that schools usually bolt to tables and ration out rigidly were theirs to use as they like. "I use my laptop for just about everywhere, for just about everything. I even have my journal in there. When I am mad I type on it, and become relaxed, because it seems as if I'm talking to someone."

"When I am at home I use my computer and show my family members how it works. One time I took my computer on vacation with me to have something to do, and to show my other family members how it works. When I'm going somewhere and know it's gong to take a while, or if I just want something to do, I take my computer right along with me."

"Before, I never sat down and wrote a long story or wrote a journal, but with the laptop I do more of that. I think it's because I've always enjoyed working with computers and now that I have one, I can do what I've always wanted to do."

"I mostly like everything about these computers, except the heaviness of the computer when I walk home very day. They also take up a lot of space in my book bag. Then when you get home you have to charge them. You have to remember not to forget the computer and disks. Other than that, they are fun."

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