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NCIP staff, 1995

DO-IT! (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internet-working, and Technology)

Through the Do-It Scholars program at the University of Washington, high school students with disabilities who have interests in science, mathematics, and engineering are provided with the tools, training, and opportunity to use the Internet to explore academic and career interests.

Excerpts from student autobiographies submitted via e-mail and compiled into the DO-IT Snapshots 1994 album:

"I have Cerebral Palsy and use my computer by entering Morse Code through a sip-and-puff device"

"I use Head Master so I can access the computer and the Internet using my head. My interests are astronomy, art, and writing."

"The DO-IT Program gives me information about careers in the science and math world. It also gives me a way to communicate through e-mail since using the telephone is difficult for me. The Program has given me a fresh outlook on my future"

"I am totally blind, with two glass eyes. Because of this disability, it is difficult for me to obtain information for my school work and personal enjoyment. That is, it was difficult before I entered the DO-IT Program. My computer has speech output. With Internet access I have information at my fingertips. My interests include biology, computer science, and logical reasoning and with the Internet I can study these topics. But more importantly, I have all of the information for school projects. I no longer have to get help from fellow students to do my research papers. In fact, a few have even asked me for help."

For information about DO-IT write, call, or e-mail:
Sheryl Burgstahler
Director, DO-IT
University of Washington
JE-25/Room 206
Seattle, WA 98195
Voice/TDD: (206) 685-DO-IT

PC Pals

PC Pals is a computer bulletin board on America Online, which is "geared to teenagers who are deaf and hard of hearing (and their hearing friends, too)," according to America Online(TM). PC PALS includes three services -- e-mail, the PC Pals Bulletin Board folder, and a monthly chat group.

For information contact:

The Alexander Graham Bell
Association for the Deaf PC Pals
3417 Volta Place, NW
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 337-5220 (V/TTY)


Kidlink is an international networking service, accessible via the Internet, exclusively for students between the ages of 10 and 15. More than 23,000 students from over 60 countries have participated in one-on-one exchanges, group chats, topical discussions, and curriculum-based projects.

This network provides students with disabilities the opportunity to participate in discussions and activities with students from around the globe.

For information contact:


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