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NCIP Staff, 1994

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The idea that video can help students improve their reading and writing skills might have been easily dismissed a generation ago. Today, however, video is a central component in a variety of strategies designed to teach literacy skills.

This profile highlights several programs using these strategies. The feature story focuses on an innovative teaching practice for primary-school students that is especially effective for children who are deaf, many of whom begin kindergarten with limited English skills. Based on the idea that students will gain a broader understanding of material if they have the chance to go over or "revisit" it in different formats, the practice revolves around a variety of activities that include the viewing and creating of videotapes, group and one-on-one discussions, drawing, and writing.

Other highlighted teaching practices focus on how students with disabilities use technology to write captions for a video. The ultimate goal of this strategy, as well as the others featured, is to give students the skills they need to become independent readers and writers.

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