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[Last updated June 1999]

OVERVIEW: Aurora is an "intelligent" word completion and prediction program. (With word prediction, after the user types the initial letter(s) of a words, he or she is offered a list of word choices. The user selects the desired word or its corresponding number and the word is typed out automatically.). Aurora is used in conjunction with many popular Windows word processing programs.


PREDICTION METHOD: Spelling, word relationships, and frequency of use.
Its word prediction system allows you to guess and predict macros just like words.

PREDICTION WINDOW CHARACTERISTICS: Prediction window appears in the top right corner of the screen and can be relocated. It predicts six words at a time and cannot be customized.

Windows: Comes with text macros, 100,000 plus word dictionary, multiple word prediction.

WORD MODIFICATION: Extensive suffix list is predicted when root word is entered and equals (=) key is pressed. Grammatical rules, spell-check while you type, and spelling autocorrection.

ABBREVIATION EXPANSION: Speech and text macros available. You can create expansions that are predicted in word lists along with single words.

KEYBOARD ADAPTATIONS: Includes keyboard control features of key latching, delays, typing rate enhancement, keyboard echo, and keyboard and mouse controls. Speech macros, type and talk.

SCANNING: Built-in scanning feature provides a single or dual switch alternative to keyboard input.

TYPE SIZE: A Text Enlarger option can be selected during installation. It requires a VGA display.

SPEECH OUTPUT: Provides support for external speech hardware. An additional feature called "PopTalk" allows non-speaking users to communicate while writing and can include speech macros. "Reader" echoes words and sentences as you type and can read sections of the screen under hotkey control.

DEMO: 20 minute demo version of full software including manuals is available.

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