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[Last updated September, 1997]

OVERVIEW: Co:Writer is an "intelligent" word completion and prediction program. (With word prediction, after the user types the initial letter(s) of a words, he or she is offered a list of word choices. The user selects the desired word or its corresponding number and the word is typed out automatically.). Co:Writer is used in conjunction with any word processor.

COMPUTER: Macintosh, Windows; Co:Writer runs in conjunction with any word processing program.

screenshot of Co:Writer

Co:Writer being used with Microsoft Word.

: Spelling, word relationships, grammar, and frequency of use. The in-line prediction can be turned off. Co:Writer can predict with the grammar feature turned on (predict words based on context) or off (predict words based on spelling only).

PREDICTION WINDOW CHARACTERISTICS: Customizable with regard to number of word choices, size, and location. The word lists can appear as a fixed list or as a dynamic list which moves along beneath the cursor. The user can choose to have the most likely word predicted in the running line of text.

WORD LIST CHARACTERISTICS: Comes with word lists. User can add names and special terms to a personal dictionary and create or import topic lists or multiple dictionaries.

WORD MODIFICATION: Extensive suffix list is predicted when route word is entered.

ABBREVIATION EXPANSION: Called the X:PND feature, you can create expansions that are predicted in word lists along with single words.

KEYBOARD ADAPTATIONS: None, but can be used with keyboard sensitivity features inherent in Macintosh system ("Easy Access").

SCANNING: Co:Writer does not have built-in scanning capacity for single switch users, but can be effectively used with other Macintosh-based scanning interfaces. It is frequently used with Discover:Ke:nx®, an adaptive interface also published by Don Johnston, Inc.

TYPE SIZE: Various font styles and sizes.


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Word Prediction (Table of Contents)

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