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Here's how it works: After a student selects each letter, a list of words appears on the screen beginning with the letter or letter sequence typed. Each time a letter is added, the list is updated. When the desired word appears in the list, students can choose the word and insert it into their text with a single keystroke (each word is numbered so students need only type in a number when the right word appears).

For example, if a student wants to write the word tomorrow, first she selects a t and the following list of common t words appears in the word prediction window below:

Let's meet at the park t
Word Prediction Window:
1 talk   2 that   3 the 
4 this   5 them   6 they

Since her target word does not appear in this list, the student types o, the next letter in tomorrow, and a list of to words appears in the word prediction window (bottom left).

Let's meet at the park to
Word Prediction Window:
1 today   2 tomorrow   3 tonight
4 topic   5 toward     6 town

Now that the target word has appeared, the student selects the number 2 key and tomorrow is inserted into the text followed by a space. The number of keystrokes for writing tomorrow has been reduced from nine to four.

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