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[Last updated September, 1997]

OVERVIEW: Madenta Communications, Inc. produces a number of programs that enable access to word processing. Telepathic II is a word prediction software program. Screen Doors II replaces the physical keyboard with an onscreen keyboard, and implements Telepathic II. Revolving Doors allows single switch access to an onscreen keyboard, combining scanning with Telepathic II. PreDictate combines voice input with Telepathic II. The following describes the features of Telepathic II which is the basis of these programs offered by Madenta.

COMPUTER: Macintosh and Windows; speech feedback is Macintosh only.

PREDICTION METHOD: Spelling, grammar, and frequency of use. Predicts in two dimensions known as Words and Next Words, where Telepathic II offers choices for words that will most likely follow by simply clicking on a word or hitting a corresponding key on the keyboard to make a selection. Users can also create Topics (ie "Biology" or "French Language") containing Words and Next Words to be predicted within designated subjects or areas. Also, Telepathic II determines the prediction Weighting for each word based on frequency of use and context. In addition, users can increase and decrease the Weighting themselves.

PREDICTION WINDOW CHARACTERISTICS: Customizable: word choices can appear in a fixed horizontal or vertical list. The vertical word list can also follow your cursor (dynamic list). Window can be resized and and relocated on screen according to user preference. User can define style and size of font, and number of words predicted. Word selection keys can be customized, and minimum word length can be defined.

screenshot of Telephathic
Screenshot of Telephathic being used with Word.

: Comes with an extensive word prediction dictionary. User can add names and special terms to a personal dictionary and create topic lists or multiple dictionaries.

WORD MODIFICATION: Extensive suffix list is predicted when route word is entered.

ABBREVIATION EXPANSION: Users can create expansions that are predicted in word lists along with single words. They are distinguished from word predictions by italics. Abbreviation expansions can be set to "speak only."

KEYBOARD ADAPTATIONS: Can be used with any keyboard: standard, mini, expanded or customized, such as the touch sensitive IntelliKeys keyboard. A companion program, Screen Doors II provides full access through a point and click environment. Screen Doors II incorporates the word prediction component of Telepathic II. Hot Keys enables users to set one keystroke to perform simple functions such as picking a word from the word list or hiding the prediction palette.

SCANNING: A companion program, Revolving Doors offers onscreen scanning arrays as well as a scanning cursor. Revolving Doors incorporates the word prediction component of Telepathic II.

SPEECH OUTPUT: Uses built-in MacinTalk Pro, providing a selection of high quality voices (male, female, adult and child) and customizable options including volume, pitch, speed, and emphasis of speech. It speaks words, letters or sentences as or after the user types. Users can select letters, words, paragraphs, documents, abbreviation expansions, or any text "read" to them.

INFORMATION/ORDERING: Madenta Communications, Inc.,
9411A 20th Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Phone: (800) 661-8406 or (403) 450-8926. Fax: 403-988-6182

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