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[Last updated June 1999]

OVERVIEW: Read and Write is an "intelligent" word completion and prediction program, specifically designed to support students with dyslexia, reading, typing, vision, and spelling difficulties. (With word prediction, after the user types the initial letter(s) of a words, he or she is offered a list of word choices. The user selects the desired word or its corresponding number and the word is typed out automatically.). Read and Write is used in conjunction with any Windows-based application..

COMPUTER: Windows (For Macintosh version of this product, see Type and Talk

PREDICTION METHOD: Read and Write will complete words after two letters have been typed. Read and Write will also suggest words that are likely to follow previous words. Read and Write continually analyzes users' vocabulary, adding new words to its dictionaries, and storing the probability of words following previous words at the end of work sessions.

PREDICTION WINDOW CHARACTERISTICS: Foreground and background colors on the word list can be adjusted. A small screen magnifier is included in Read and Write to aid users with mild vision impairment. The General Options Panel enables users to modify virtually all of their configuarion options from one screen.

WORD LIST CHARACTERISTICS: Comes with 41,000 word database. Speaking Spell Checker and Thesaurus. "Mark Word and Continue" option for users who want to correct all of their words at the end of the session. Up to 255 characters can be inserted for a corrected word.

WORD MODIFICATION: Homophone discrimination, whereby users can have the computer read out and distinguish between contractions, such as "their" and "they're".

ABBREVIATION EXPANSION: The abbreviations feature records keyboard macros to automate simple tasks such as typing addresses or accessing commonly used functions. Read and Write stores an abbreviations database which enables users to complete a paragraph by typing an abbreviation while holding CTRL and Shift and pressing the ENTER key. A panel allows users to add, edit and delete their own abbreviations.

REAL TIME SPELL CHECKING: Read and Write provides support for individuals who have spelling difficulties by correcting errors as they type. Suggestions are made with individuals with dyslexia in mind, rather than individuals who make typing errors.

TYPE SIZE: Font style and size is adjustable. Read and Write includes a small screen magnifier to aid users with mild visual impairments.

SPEECH OUTPUT: Read and Write will speak each word as the user types it. In addition, the user can choose each letter, sentence or paragraph to be spoken upon completion. Pitch speed and volume of the voice is adjustable, as well as an exception dictionary for correcting mispronounced words. Read and Write uses TextAssist and ProVoice version 2 speech, offering English plus four foreign language speech fonts (sold separately) including 16 bit and 8 bit voices.

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