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[Last updated September, 1997]

OVERVIEW: WriteAway (Assistive Technology, Inc.) is a menu-driven word prediction program with spell checking. (With word prediction, after the user types the initial letter(s) of a words, he or she is offered a list of word choices. The user selects the desired word or its corresponding number and the word is typed out automatically.). It offers multiple, modifiable word lists. Letter expansion capablities allow non-speaking individuals to combine text creation with stored messages.


PREDICTION WINDOW CHARACTERISTICS: Fixed window in lower left hand corner of monitor with 7 numbered word choices (number 8 "NEXT"). Words are not predicted in running text. Word lists can be hidden.

WORD LIST CHARACTERISTICS: User can choose between a basic list of 600 words or a more comprehensive list of 5,800 words. Users can add words to word lists on-line or through menus. Program keeps track of word usage and user can voluntarily update lists based on this data. User can create and load topical lists.

WORD MODIFICATION: The following suffixes can be added with a single keystroke: plural (s, es); past (d, ed); present progressive (ing); possessive ('s).

ABBREVIATION EXPANSION: Users can create text messages or menu sequences (macros) that can be recalled with two keystrokes.

KEYBOARD ADAPTATIONS: "Key latching" is available for single-finger or pointer keyboarding. Key sensitivity can be controlled for key onset and key repeat.

SCANNING: The program is fully accessible through scanning arrays that are integrated within the program. Scanning arrays are available in alphabetic or frequency of use formats. Users can select letters, words, previously recorded phrases or sentences, and special commands.

SPEECH OUTPUT: Dectalk-based speech synthesizers including MultiVoice and the Dectalk card, Echo PC/PC2, Covox Speech Thing, SoundBlaster Card. Synthesized speech can be used for on-line auditory feedback, text readback, scanning arrays, menus and wordlists, and for reading text files imported from other sources.

INFORMATION/ORDERING: Assistive Technology, Inc.,
850 Boylston Ave., Chestnut Hill, MA 02167. Phone: (800) 793.9227 or (617) 731.4900; FAX: (617) 731.5201; email:

Word Prediction (Table of Contents)

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